Selecting the right venue for corporate events

Whether you’re planning a big and important business meeting, hosting a dinner for company employees or maybe just holding a simple business get-together, event halls are the perfect venue for any occasion. You can easily find many banquet halls, hotels and conference centres in your area, but selecting the best out of the bunch is something that’s very important.

With so many banquet halls available, selecting the perfect one for you can sometimes be quite difficult. These are the top 6 things to remember when you’re thinking of booking a banquet hall for your corporate event.

1. Budget: This is the very first thing to consider when you’re planning a corporate event. Fixing an appropriate budget helps you stay organized through the event planning process.

2. Capacity: Once you’ve settled on a budget, you need to consider the guest count - what is the estimated number of people who are going to attend the event? Having an idea of the number of attendees makes it easier for you to decide the size of the banquet hall required your event. A meeting of 40 guests needs a smaller hall than a party for 400 guests.

3. Hall Layout: Before finalizing the venue, you need to visit and inspect the banquet hall & conference centre. It's always important to know whether the banquet hall you are looking at has the adequate number of entry and exit doors, if the venue is accessible and if the layout of the conference centre works with your event needs. Questions to consider: Is there free parking? Is there WiFi? What are the A/V capabilities?

4. Event decor: Corporate events can range from casual business meetings to formal charity galas, so the decorations needed range as well. The event planner needs to decide which level of decor suits the corporate event.

5. Planned activities: When you have found a banquet hall that you think suits your needs, don’t forget to consider the type of event you are hosting and which activities your planning to hold during your event.

6. Menu: Whether you’re planning a meeting with light snacks and coffee or an extravagant dinner for charity, you need to know the banquet hall’s menu options. Remember to ask if they can accommodate special meal considerations like Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan, etc.

These are the top 6 important things to consider when booking a venue hall for any type of corporate event. Whether your event is big or small, a company meeting or a holiday party, if you stay organized and plan strategically, your event will be a success.